About Steve Welling

Steven Welling has spent his life studying leadership and change. It is estimated that he has spoken to over 100,000 people, from the smallest gathering to thousands. He has held over 350 public and private seminars in the U.S. and overseas, and is called an exceptional communicator.

The focus of his work is transformation. He knows how to help you move from A to B. Whether it is transformation of an individual, a leader or organization.

He is the creator of the signature system “Attractional Leadership.” The profoundly effective system for success in transformation. It is a system that coaches you in how to: become the best version of yourself; become a leader that attracts other leaders, and knows how to develop others for success.

“After decades of working with leadership and organizations, I realized we needed a synergistic approach to guide leaders into higher levels of understanding and effectiveness. Attractional Leadership is a transformational system created after thousands of hours of study and working directly with leaders and teams.”

He also is the author of Finish Well and the Finish Well Podcast: Lessons on making the most of your life’s strategic pivot points.

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